15.75" Dimmable 12 VAC LED Lighting Strip Cuttable Every 2.25" + Can Be End To End Soldered
USA Manufactured By:     Design Specialty, Inc. - Colorado Springs, Colorado - 719.488.3036

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Create Custom Cabinet And Display Case Lighting
Using Design Specialty's 12 VAC Dimmable LED Strips
Containing NICHIA's Extreme Quality WARM WHITE 140 Degree FOV LEDs
(Fabrication Requires Soldering Experience)

   PCB Module

Measure Under Cabinet Inside Width, Assemble LED Strip To Fit, Solder Two 20 Gauge Stranded
Wire Leads To One End Of LED Strip, Cut Polycarbonate Tubing To Length, Insert LED Strip With
Wire Leads Into Tubing & Install End Caps (Pierce Hole In One End Cap For Wires To Pass Through)

Strip Inside Tubing

Use Plastic Mounting Clips To Hold 3/8" Tubing Which Will Permit Its Rotation To Optimize Illumination

Strip Inside Tubing

Place Double Sided Foam Tape On Bottom Of Mounting Clips And On Back Of 1/2" Aluminum U Channel.
Place Tubing Into Clips And Evenly Space Them The Length Of Tubing.   Remove Adhesive Backing From
Mounting Clips And Insert, And Carefully Press Entire Tube With Clips Into "U" Channel As Shown

Strip Inside Tubing

Remove Adhesive Backing From "U" Channel Tape And Press Channel Against Front Bottom
Of Cabinet Until Securely Stuck To Cabinet As Shown
  (LEDs Shown ON For Illustration Purposes Only)

Strip ON

Connect LED Strip Wires To 12 VAC Transformer(s), Turn ON LED Strip, Rotate
Tubing To Optimize Illumination, Enjoy Your New Breathtaking Cabinet Lighting

12 VAC Transformer

Connect Transformer To LED Strips =====>

12 VAC Transformer

Connect Transformer To LED Strips =====>

LED Strips

Individual 15.75" LED Strip
$49.00 Each
(No Partial Strip Sold)

3/8" Tubing Mounting Clip
$0.50 Each

3/8" Plastic End Cap
$0.15 Each

12 VAC, 60 Watt (5 Amps)
UL Listed Transformer
$95.00 Each

3/8"OD Polycarbonate Tubing
Can Be Purchased On-Line At

Electrical Wire And Double Sided
Foam Tape Can Be Purchased
At Most Hardware Stores

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